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Attention & Notification

Our goal is to design intelligent notification systems that optimize users' attention switching to their phones, improve their notification management practices, minimize the disturbance caused by notifications, alleviate their fear of missing important information, and ultimately increase their sense of control over notifications.  


Effective Notification Attendance 

Our objective is to investigate ways to enhance people's attention switching to their devices. We are pursuing to provide users with informative notification previews to improve their understanding of incoming notifications before they examine them in detail.

Improve Notification Management

Our objective is to help users effectively manage notifications and reduce the time they spend on them. We plan to streamline the display of numerous notifications and provide various choices for users to handle various types of notifications.


Alignment between Attention and Notification

Notifications provide information, but they may not always arrive at the "right" time. Our aim is to examine ways to improve the alignment between users' attention timeline and the timeline for notification delivery.

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