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Recent Publications

Get Distracted or Missed the Stop? Investigating Public Transit Passengers’ Travel-Based Multitasking Behaviors, Motives, and Challenges [link] 

Hsinju Lee, Fang-Hsin Hsu, Wei-Ko Li, Jie Tsai, Ying-Yu Chen, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '23)  

I Like Their Autonomy and Closeness to Me: Uncovering the Perceived Appeal of Social-Media Influencers [link]

Yu-Ling Chou, Hsuan-Jen Lee, Jie Tsai, Kung-Pai Lin, Faye Shih, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '23)  

Not Merely Deemed as Distraction: Investigating Smartphone Users’ Motivations for Notification-Interaction [link]

XiJing Chang, Fang-Hsin Hsu, En-Chi Liang, Zih-Yun Chiou, Ho-Hsuan Chuang, Fang-Ching Tseng, Yu-Hsin Lin, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '23) 

Are You Killing Time? Predicting Smartphone Users’ Time-killing Moments via Fusion of Smartphone Sensor Data and Screenshots [link]

Yu-Chun Chen, Yu-Jen Lee, Kuei-Chun Kao, Jie Tsai, En-Chi Liang, Wei-Chen Chiu, Faye Shih, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '23)  

Multiple Device Users' Actual and Ideal Cross-Device Usage for Multi-Stage Notification-Interactions: An ESM Study Addressing the Usage Gap and Impacts of Device Context [link]

Fang-Ching Tseng, Zih-Yun Chiou, Ho-Hsuan Chuang,  Li-Ting Su, Yong-Han Lin, Yu-Rou Lin, Yi-Chi Lee, Peng-Jui Wang, Uei-Dar Chen, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '23) 

What Makes IM Users (Un)Responsive: An Empirical Investigation for Understanding IM Responsiveness [link]

Hao-Ping Lee, Yi-Shyuan Chiang, Yu-Ling Chou, Kung-Pai Lin, Yung-Ju Chang* (IJHCS '23)  

Scanning or Simply Unengaged in Reading? Opportune Moments for Pushed News Notifications and Their Relationship with Smartphone Users' Choice of News-reading Modes [link] 

Chen-Chin Lin , Chia-Chen Wu , Ping-Ju Huang , Yu-Hsin Lai , Yi-Ting Ho , Chih-Chi Chung , Yung-Ju Chang* (PACM MHCI' 23)

Predicting and Exploring Abandonment Signals in a Banking Task-Oriented Chatbot Service [link] 

Chieh Hsu, Hsin-Chien Tung, Hong-Han Shuai, Yung-Ju Chang* (IJHCI' 23)

Tracking the Temporal Flows of Mobile Communication in Daily Life [link]

Morgan Ross, Joseph Bayer*; Lisa Rhee, Ivory Potti, Yung-Ju Chang (New Media and Society '23) 

Perceived vs. Observed mHealth Behavior: A Naturalistic Investigation of Tracking Apps and Daily Movement [link]

Chang Mao, Joseph Bayer*, Morgan Ross, Lisa Rhee, Huyen Le, Jerry Mount, Hsiu-Chi Chang, Yung-Ju Chang, Alex Hedstrom, Shelly Hovick

(Mobile Media & Communication '23) 

“Because I’m Restricted, 2–4 PM Unable to See Messages”: Exploring Users’ Perceptions and Likely Practices around Exposing Attention-management Information on IM Statuses [link]

Yu-Ling Chou, Yu-Ling Chien, Yu-Hsin Lin, Kung-Pai Lin, Faye Shih, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '22) 

Predicting Opportune Moments to Deliver Notifications in Virtual Reality [link]

Kuan-Wen Chen, Yung-Ju Chang*, Liwei Chan (CHI '22) 

Why Did You/I Read but Not Reply? IM Users’ Unresponded Read-Receipt Practices and Explanations [link]

Yu-Ling Chou, Yi-Hsiu Lin, Tzu-Yi Lin, Hsin Ying You, Yung-Ju Chang* (CHI '22) 

How to Guide Task-oriented Chatbot Users, and When: A Mixed-methods Study of Combinations of Chatbot Guidance Types and Timings [link]

Su-Fang Yeh, Meng-Hsin Wu, Tze-Yu Chen, Yen-Chun Lin, XiJing Chang, You-Hsuan Chiang, Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '22) [Honorable Mention Award for Best Paper]​

Analyzing GPS Data for Psychological Research: A Tutorial [link]

Sandrine Müller, Joseph Bayer*, Morgan Quinn Ross, Jerry Mount, Clemens Stachl, Gabriella M. Harari, Yung-Ju Chang, and Huyen T(AMPPS '22) 

Investigating Four Navigation Aids for Supporting Navigator Performance and Independence in Virtual Reality [link]

Ting-Yu Kuo, Yung-Ju Chang*, and Hung-Kuo Chu. (IJHCI '22)  

A Source You Prefer, or Majority? Investigating User Responses to Conflicting Opinions in Multi-platform Restaurant-review Lists [link]

Tzu-Hao Lin, Yen-Yun Liu, Hong-Han Shuai, Fang-Hsin Hsu, and Yung-Ju Chang* (IJHCI '22)  

A Lab-Based Investigation of Reaction Time and Reading Performance using Different In-Vehicle Reading Interfaces during Self-Driving [link]

Lei Hsiung, Yung-Ju Chang, Wei-Ko Li, Tsung-Yi Ho, and Shan-Hung Wu*. (Automotive UI '22) 

What Kinds of Experiences Do you Desire? A Preliminary Study of Desired Experiences of Contributors in Location-Based Mobile Crowdsourcing [link]

Fang-Yu Lin, Chia-Yi Lee, Yi-Ting Ho, Yao-Kuang Chen, Grace Yu-Chun Yen, Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI LBW '22 )

Screenshot Journey Auditor: A Tool to Support Analysis of Smartphone Media Consumption Journey Using Screenshot Data [link]

Chen-Chin Lin, Jian-Hua Jiang Chen, Rebecca Ping Yu, Wan-Yun Yu, Yung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '22 ) 

“This is Why I Like Them!”: Exploring the Perceived Appeal of Social Media Influencers vs. Traditional Mass Media [link]

Hsuan-Jen Lee, Yu-Ling Chou, Jie TsaiYung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '22 ) 

CAMPUS: A University Crowdsourcing Platform for Reporting Facility, Status Update, and Problem Area Information [link]

Chih-Chi Chung, Yen-Chun Lin, Yu-Cheng Wang, Tze-Yu Chen, Chia-Yu Chen, Xinye Jiang, Fang-Yu Lin, Yu Hao Weng, Yung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '22 ) 

Investigating Correction Effects of Different Modalities for Misinformation about COVID 19 [link]

Yu-Chia Tseng, Nanyi Bi, Yung-Ju Chang, Chien Wen (Tina) Yuan*. (CSCW EA '22 ) 

IM Receptivity and Presentation-type Preferences among Users of a Mobile App with Automated Receptivity- status Adjustment [link]

Ting-Wei Wu, Yu-Ling Chien, Hao-Ping Lee, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '21) 

“I Got Some Free Time”: Investigating Task-execution and Task-effort Metrics in Mobile Crowdsourcing Tasks [link]

Chia-En Chiang, Yu-Chun Chen, Fang-Yu Lin, Felicia Feng, Hao-An Wu, Hao-Ping Lee, Chang-Hsuan Yang, Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '21) 


“Put it on the Top, I’ll Read it Later”: Investigating Users’ Desired Display Order for Smartphone Notifications [link]

Tzu-Chieh Lin, Yu-Shao Su, Emily Yang, Yun Han Chen, Hao-Ping Lee, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '21) 

Inviting Participants' Peers in a Mobile Assessment Study: An Empirical Investigation [link]

Yu-Lin Chang, Hao-Ping Lee, Yung-Ju Chang*, Chih-Ya Shen. (MobileHCI '21) 

Making Meals Both Appealing and Healthy: A Food Presentation Simulation System [link]

Li-Hsing Zheng, Yao-Zhen Kuo, Jui Lo, Yung-Ju Chang, and Yu-Shuen Wang*. (C&C '21

Self-Attentive Recommendation for Multi-Source Review Package [link]

Pin-Yu Chen, Yu-Hsiu Chen, Hong-Han Shuai* and Yung-Ju Chang. (IJCNN '21

Opportune Moments for the Multi-Stage Notification Responding Process: A Preliminary Investigation [link]

Chung Chiao Chang, Meng-Hsin Wu, Xi-Jing Chang, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '21)

Killing-Time Detection from Smartphone Screenshots [link]

Yu-Chun Chen, KeuiChun Kao, Yu-Jen Lee, Faye Shih, Wei-Chen Chiu, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '21

I’m Interested, but Can/Would Only Skim It: Studying Smartphone Users’ Receptivity to News Notifications [link]

Ping-Ju Huang, Chia-Chen Wu, Yu-Hsin Lai, Chen-Chin Lin, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '21

Occurrence and Triggers of Mobile News Exposure: A Screenshot-Based ESM Study [link]

Jian Hua Jiang Chen, Ming Yen Yeh, Chen-Chin Lin,  Yung-Ju Chang*, Wan-Yun Yu, Rebecca Ping Yu.  (UbiComp-ISWC '21

SYNC: A Crowdsourcing Platform for News Co-editing [link]

Jin An Lin, Feng-I Hsu, Shang-Hsun Lu,  Hsin-Yu Yao,  Tsai yu Kuo,  Chieh Kai Lin, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '21

Exploring Users’ Preferences on Chatbot’s Guidance Type and Timing [link]

Meng-Hsin Wu, Su-Fang Yeh, XiJing Chang, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '21

Distinguishing IM Communication Patterns with Relationship and Conversation Topic [link]

Kung-Pai Lin, Hao-Ping (Hank) Lee, Yu-Ling Chou, Faye Shih, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CSCW EA '21

Tell Me When Users Leave: Predicting Users’ Abandonment of A Task-Oriented Chatbot Service using Explainable Deep Learning [link]

Yu-Wei Yang, Chieh Hsu, Hsin-Chien Tung, Hong-Han Shuai and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CUI EA '21

Bridging the Virtual and Real Worlds: A Preliminary Study of Messaging Notifications in Virtual Reality [link]

Ching-Yu Hsieh, Yi-Shyuan Chiang, Hung-Yu Chiu, and Yung-Ju Chang*.  (CHI '20)

A Conversation Analysis of Non-Progress and Coping Strategies with a Banking Task-Oriented Chatbot [link]

Chi-Hsun Li, Su-Fang Yeh, Tang-Jie Chang, Meng-Hsuan Tsai, Ken Chen, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '20)

Exploring the Design Space of User-System Communication for Smart-home Routine Assistants [link]

Yi-Shyuan Chiang, Ruei-Che Chang, Yi-Lin Chuang, Shih-Ya Chou, Hao-Ping Lee, I-Ju Lin, Jian-Hua Jiang Chen, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (CHI '20)

V-Eye: A Vision-based Navigation System for the Visually Impaired [link]

Ping-Jung Duh, Yu-Cheng Sung, Liang-Yu Fan Chiang, Yung-Ju Chang, and Kuan-Wen Chen*. 2020. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Combining Participatory and ESM: A Hybrid Approach to Collecting Annotated Mobility Data [link]

Hsiu-Chi Chang, Yung-Ju Chang*, Mark W. Newman, and Chih-Hsin Lin. (CHI EA '20)

A Preliminary Attempt of an Intelligent System Predicting Users’ Correctness of Notifications’ Sender Speculation [link]

Tang-Jie Chang, Jian-Hua Jiang Chen, Hao-Ping Lee, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '20)

Effects of Activity Breakpoints on Mobile Crowdsourcing Task Performance [link]

Chia-En Chiang, Yung-Ju Chang*, and Felicia Feng. (UbiComp-ISWC '20)

Using Gamification to Create and Label Photos that are Challenging for Computer Vision and People [link]

Piotr Kotlinski, Xi-Jing Chang, Yang Chih-Yun, Wei-Chen Chiu, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '20) 

Comparing the Effects of Reference-based, Orientation-based, and Turn-by-turn navigation Guidance on Users’ Independent Navigation [link]

Ting-Yu Kuo, Hung-Kuo Chu, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '20)

A Preliminary Investigation of the Mismatch between Attendance Order and Desired Display Order of Smartphone Notifications [link]

Tzu-Chieh Lin, Yu-Shao Su, Emily Yang, Yun Han Chen, Hao-Ping Lee, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '20)

A Preliminary Study of an Intelligent System Facilitating Selective Notification Attendance on Smartphones via Alert Assistance [link]

Yi-Hao Shih, Tang-Jie Chang, Jian-Hua Jiang Chen, Hao-Ping Lee, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp-ISWC '20)

Exploring the Presentation of Estimated Receptivity Status for Instant Messaging [link]

Ting-Wei Wu, Yu-Ling Chien, Yung-Ju Chang*.  (MobileHCI '20 EA) 

BusMyFriend: Designing a Bus Reservation Service for People with Visual Impairments in Taipei [link]

Carolyn Yu, Yee Li, Tsai-Yuan Huang, Wei-An Hsieh, Shao-Yu Lee, I-Hui Yeh, Gang Ku Lin, Neng-Hao Yu*, Hsien-Hui Tang, and Yung-Ju Chang. (DIS '20 Companion)​


Tourgether: Exploring Tourists’ Real-time Sharing of Experiences as a Means of Encouraging Point-of-Interest Exploration [link]

Yung-Ju Chang*, Chu-Yuan Yang, Ying-Hsuan Kuo, Wen-Hao Cheng, Chun-Liang Yang, Fang-Yu Lin, I-Hui Yeh, Chih-Kuan Hsieh, Ching-Yu Hsieh, and Yu-Shuen Wang. (IMWUT '2019)

I Think It’s Her: Investigating Smartphone Users’ Speculation About Phone Notifications and Its Influence on Attendance [link]

Yung-Ju Chang*, Yi-Ju Chung, and Yi-Hao Shih. (MobileHCI '19)  [Honorable Mention Award for Best Paper ]​

Does Who Matter?: Studying the Impact of Relationship Characteristics on Receptivity to Mobile IM Messages [link]

Hao-Ping Lee, Kuan-Yin Chen, Chih-Heng Lin, Chia-Yu Chen, Yu-Lin Chung, Yung-Ju Chang*, and Chien-Ru Sun. (CHI '19)  ​

How Much do Parents Actually Use Their Smartphones? Pilot Study Comparing Self-report to Passive Sensing [link]

Nalingna Yuan, Heidi M. Weeks, Rosa Ball, Mark W. Newman, Yung-Ju Chang, and Jenny S. Radesky. 2019. Pediatric Research

Advertising in Young Children’s Apps: A Content Analysis [link]

Marisa Meyer, Victoria Adkins, Nalingna Yuan, Heidi M. Weeks, Yung-Ju Chang, and Jenny Radesky. 2019. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics  ​

When There is No Progress with a Task-Oriented Chatbot: A Conversation Analysis [link]

Chi-Hsun Li, Ken Chen, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (MobileHCI '19 EA) 

Predicting Smartphone Users’ General Responsiveness to IM Contacts Based on IM Behavior [link]

Hao-Ping Lee, Tilman Dingler, Chih-Heng Lin, Kuan-Yin Chen, Yu-Lin Chung, Chia-Yu Chen, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (MobileHCI '19 EA)  

She is in a Bad Mood Now: Leveraging Peers to Increase Data Quantity via a Chatbot-Based ESM [link]

Yu-Lin Chang, Yung-Ju Chang, and Chih-Ya Shen. (MobileHCI '19 EA)

Exploring the Design of Availability Status in Mobile IM Messaging with User Enactments [link]

Yu-Ling Chien, Ting-Wei Wu, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (MobileHCI '19 EA)

Connecting IM pattern and Selective Perceived Responsiveness to Relationship: a Cluster-based Approach [link]

Hao-Ping Lee, Kuan-Yin Chen, Chih-Heng Lin, and Yung-Ju Chang*. (UbiComp/ISWC '19 Adjunct)


Vibration Feedback Controlled by Intuitive Pressing in Virtual Reality [link]

Yu-Wei Wang, Tse-Yu Pan, Yung-Ju Chang, and Min-Chun Hu.  (AIVR Poster Paper '19) 

A New Online Charging System Based on Context of Mobile Users [link]

Albert Budi Christian, Cheng-Wei Wu, Wan-Hsun Hu, Yung-Ju Chang, and Yu-Chee Tseng*. (ICCE-TW '19).

SCQ: Stage-Based, Context-Aware, QoE-Driven Power Optimization for Interactive Applications on Mobile Devices [link]

Chi-Kai Ho, Chung-Ta King*, and Yung-Ju Chang. (MDM '19). 

iTour: Making Tourist Maps GPS-Enabled [link]

Chih-Hsiang Hsu, Chia-Lun Ku, Yung-Ju Chang, Yu-Shuen Wang, Uyn-Dinh Trân, Wen-Hao Cheng, Chu-Yuan Yang, Ching-Yu Hsieh, and Chun-Cheng Lin.  (IMWUT '18)

Heed: Exploring the Design of Situated Self-Reporting Devices [link]

Gaurav Paruthi, Shriti Raj, Seungjoo Baek, Chuyao Wang, Chuan-che Huang, Yung-Ju Chang, and Mark W. Newman. (IMWUT '18)

PotteryGo: A Virtual Pottery Making Training System [link]

Pei-Ying Chiang, Han-Yu Chang, and Yung-Ju Chang. 2018. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. 


Characterizing Display QoS based on Frame Dropping for Power Management of Interactive Applications on Smartphones [link]

Ho Kuan-Ting, King Chung-Ta, Das Bhaskar, and Yung-Ju Chang. (DATE '18). 

An Investigation of Using Mobile and Situated Crowdsourcing to Collect Annotated Travel Activity Data in Real-World Settings [link]

Yung-Ju Chang*, Gaurav Paruthi, Hsin-Ying Wu, Hsin-Yu Lin, and Mark W. Newman. 2017. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 

Deep 360 Pilot: Learning a Deep Agent for Piloting through 360° Sports Videos [link]

Hou-Ning Hu, Yen-Chen Lin, Ming-Yu Liu, Hsien-Tzu Cheng, Yung-Ju Chang, and Min Sun*.  (CVPR '17). 

Tell Me Where to Look: Investigating Ways for Assisting Focus in 360 Video [link]

Yen-Chen Lin, Yung-Ju Chang, Hou-Ning Hu, Hsien-Tzu Cheng, Chi-Wen Huang, and Min Sun*. (CHI '17). 

What do Smartphone Users Do when They Sense Phone Notifications? [link]

Yung-Ju Chang, Yi-Ju Chung, Yi-Hao Shih, Hsiu-Chi Chang, and Tzu-Hao Lin. (UbiComp/ISWC’17 Adjunct) [Best Paper]

HEED: Situated and Distributed Interactive Devices for Self-reporting [link]

Gaurav Paruthi, Shriti Raj, Ankita Gupta, Chuan-Che Huang, Yung-Ju Chang, and Mark W Newman.  (UbiComp '17 EA)

Who Matters: A Closer Look at Interpersonal Relationship in Mobile Interruptibility [link]

Kuan-Yin Chen, Hao-Ping Lee, Chih-Heng Lin, and Yung-Ju Chang.  (UbiComp/ISWC '17 Adjunct) 

A Field Study Comparing Approaches to Collecting Annotated Activity Data in Real-World Settings [link]

Yung-Ju Chang, Gaurav Paruthi, and Mark W. Newman. (UbiComp '15) 

Challenges in Using Wearable Cameras and Phone Logs to Generate Ground Truth of Transportation Activities [link]

Yung-Ju Chang, Gaurav Paruthi, and Mark W. Newman. (UbiComp/ISWC '15 Adjunct) 

Investigating Mobile Users’ Ringer Mode Usage and Attentiveness and Responsiveness to Communication [link]

Yung-Ju Chang and John C. Tang. (MobileHCI '15) 

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