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Research Areas

Attention & Notification

Our goal is to design intelligent notification systems that optimize users' attention switching to their phones, improve their notification management practices, minimize the disturbance caused by notifications, alleviate their fear of missing important information, and ultimately increase their sense of control over notifications. To create such systems 

Mobile Crowdsourcing & Citizen Participation

We study how to leverage mobile crowdsourcing and to engage citizens to obtain richer human knowledge to augment collected human data for more reliable and useful context-aware proactive services.


Mobile Media Consumption and Behavior

Our goal is to look into how people spend their time on mobile media platforms on a regular basis, the relationship between their media engagement and time perception, and their reactions and actions following media exposure.

Human-AI Interaction

We study how to minimize the friction during the interaction between humans and intelligent systems/agents.


Attention in VR and 360° Videos

We aim to help people attend to valuable information at the right moment in virtual reality and 360° Videos

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