My main research interests lie in the intersection between Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Specifically, I have been working on creating technologies to support mobile communication and attention,  mobile crowdsourced behavioral data collection, and city exploration. Recently, I'm also starting my research in human intelligence interaction and attention in VR.   I'm seeking collaborators and students who have the same interest.


Cross-Device Attention & Notification

We aim to create intelligent systems to reduce "notification overload"  by studying and modeling people's  awareness, interruptibility, receptivity, and opportune moments across-device

Mobile Crowdsourcing & Citizen Participation

We study how to leverage mobile crowdsourcing and to engage citizens to obtain richer human knowledge to augment collected human data for more reliable and useful context-aware proactive services.


City Learning & Smart Travel

We explore approaches to better  enlightening citizens and travelers about the cities they live in or travel in via citizen participation and collaboration.

Human Intelligence Interaction

We study how to smoothen and sustain the interaction between humans and intelligent agents including chatbots, voice assistants, robots, and context-aware devices.


Attention in VR and 360° Videos

We study how to best present notifications from the real world to virtual reality